Arts at the Core

Empower education leaders, particularly in under-resourced districts, to implement rigorous arts programming in their schools.

About this Project

The arts expand student potential by encouraging creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills. A comprehensive arts education is an effective tool for developing the whole child, keeping students in school and promoting high achievement.

Our Progress

What We've Accomplished

Completed a national survey of school superintendents and principals, which invited them to share their views on the value of the arts in education and offer insights on how arts decisions are made in their districts. A research brief and slides highlighting key findings are available for download.

Completed and published research on the alignment between arts learning and the objectives of the Common Core State Standards, as part of our ongoing partnership with the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. The final report is available and the study’s findings will be presented at the at the 2013 NAEA National Convention in March.

Completed a national survey of nearly 1,000 principals and superintendents nationwide, to understand the most significant challenges that they face in their efforts to provide quality arts education to all students, as well as their views on what the greatest benefits are to including the arts in the K-12 curriculum.

Published an updated AP Vertical Teams Guide for Studio Art available for purchase in the AP Store.

Nancy Rubino, Senior Director, Office of Academic Initiatives, spoke on behalf of the College Board at the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization meeting for arts stakeholders at the U.S. Department of Education.

Published a brochure featuring students’ and teachers’ voices in the arts.

Delivered numerous presentations on the importance of arts education on panels and at conferences, including the State of the Arts Conference, the National Art Education Association National Convention, the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention and the Arts Education Partnership Forum

Created a companion brochure about the importance of the arts in education, with essays from leading thinkers and policymakers in arts education

Published Arts at the Core: Recommendations for Advancing the State of Arts Education in the 21st Century, which identifies the many benefits of arts learning and provides a set of recommendations for placing the arts at the core of education

Convened more than 50 dedicated professionals, including leading educators and artists, as members of the National Task Force on the Arts in Education (NTFAE)

Piloted arts programs in self-selected College Board Schools, with an aim to demonstrate the benefits of arts exposure in students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and connect all students to college success

What We're Working On

Partnering with the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) in support of their work in revising the National Content Standards in the Arts for the first time since 1994

Undertaking a number of research projects to offer background information and resources to NCCAS members that will inform their decisions in revising the standards

Developing online AP Curriculum Modules which will provide tools for integrating the arts into non-arts AP instruction

Pursuing alliances with national arts and education organizations to strengthen our advocacy campaign and expand our audience

Undertaking a survey of college admissions officials to understand the variety of ways that arts experiences may be considered as part of an student’s college application.

Arts Academic Advisory Committee

Associate Professor and Director of the School of Music, University of Tulsa
Arts Education Consultant and Liaison to the A+ Schools Program, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Associate Professor and Theatre & Media Arts Department Chair, Brigham Young University
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Michigan
Art Teacher, Bexley High School, Bexley Ohio
Executive Director for Enrichment Curriculum and Instruction, Dallas Independent School District
Associate Professor, School of Art and Art History, The University of Iowa

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